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  • Discovery Call

    Choosing a health care provider is never an easy step. For this reason, we provide a safe space where you can have all of your imminent questions answered. Afterwards, we are able to establish whether or not we can move forward to an introductory consultation.

  • Introductory Consultation

    This initial consult prices covers three appointments. In our first meeting we spend 45 minutes gathering important details of your health history. We take all of the information we have gathered, along with any lab values you already have or labs that we recommend. Then we formulate an individualized treatment plan, and in our second appointment we take 15 minutes to discuss your treatment plan. At this point we explain our findings and rationale, and we also encourage your feed-back and further questions. This way we determine what is feasible on your end, we explain clearly our instructions, and we set the stage for a collaborative effort in your health journey. Subsequently, the third meeting will be a 15-minute brief check-in, scheduled within 4 weeks from our second meeting, and in this appointment we check-in and assess how you are faring with our current treatment plan. We evaluate what has worked and hasn't worked, and we also explore any difficulties you may have had regarding your treatment plan. From here on out each additional meeting will cost $150 as 45-minute follow-up consultations.

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